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Participate in the WEIGHT LOSS CHALLENGE

Zing Anything Weight Loss Challenge

Zing Anything is issuing a challenge to everyone out there looking lose a little weight and help us demonstrate the power of lemon!

Why participate? Once you complete your 30 day challenge, you'll receive a 100% rebate for the value of the Citrus Zinger bottle purchased from our website, and you will be featured in our national Lemon Water Routine campaign!

What do you need to do?

  • 1. Fill in the form below
  • 2. Purchase a Citrus Zinger with code LEMONLOSS.
  • 3. Post our promotional image to your social media (must be publicly viewable)
  • 4. Post a “before” picture with hashtags #lemonwaterroutine #lemonweightloss #zinganything #beforelemon
  • 5. Post a picture every day for 30 days of the lemon water you are drinking for the day with hashtags    #lemonwaterroutine #lemonweightloss #zinganything
  • 6. Post an “after” picture with hashtags #lemonwaterroutine #lemonweightloss #zinganything #afterlemon
  • 7. Answer a few questions about your experience and link to your postings on social media.

Once these steps are completed, you will receive a full refund on the Citrus Zinger purchased!

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  1. RULES:

    All steps must be completed to qualify. Postings must be made daily for a consecutive 30 days on at least one platform to be eligible for reward. *Zing 54 not included in free bottle offer. By submitting the form on this website, you are agreeing to participate fully, as well as release all postings and images to Zing Anything for use in advertising across all media platforms, now and forever, without additional compensation. By typing your name below you signify that you agree to all conditions outlined on this page. Rebate on Zinger will be applied to original payment method. Must be purchased through