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Aqua Zinger - Q & A

How many drinks will you get from one grind with the Aqua Zinger?
About two. Maybe more depending on infusion times, and ingredient choices. Allow the second drink/infusion to steep longer than the first. Also, firm shaking is key to advancing the infusion process. So shake well after you do a grind, and before you take a sip.

Note – longer infusion times will help increase flavor results. Especially when Zinging with harder, less juicy ingredients. Making drinks at night help for a tasty drink in the morning. And then let the second fill-up steep throughout the day for a tasty drink in the afternoon. Two fill-ups per day will earn you 2/3rds of your daily water intake needs.
How do you create a more "instant" infusion with the Aqua Zinger?
Do a double or triple grind. After you twist on the bottom cup, slowly twist it partially back off and then back on a couple of times. Then add water shy of the top, replace the cap, and shake aggressively. Allow 15-20 minutes for steeping, and shake again. The harder the fruits (less juicy) the longer the steeping time will need to be.
How do you clean the Aqua Zinger?
For a quick ingredient change and clean, simply unscrew the bottom from the empty bottle, and then flick the "spent" ingredients from the cup and top blade set into the trash. Rinse the top grinder and bottom cup, and it will be ready for the next zing. Note: it is also recommended to do a thorough cleaning (i.e. top-rack dishwasher) on the Zinger when needed.
How to get rid of metallic taste with stainless steel bottles?
All stainless steel bottles, even ones made of 18/8 stainless steel, can give off a metallic smell/taste if you have a really keen sense of smell. If you do notice this factor, try cleaning the bottle according to the following instructions:
Can you make hot tea in the Zinger?
Yes. However, do not add boiling hot water. Tritan is recommended for use at a temperature slightly lower than boiling.

Citrus Zinger - Q & A

How many drinks will you get from one press with the Citrus Zinger?
About two. Try to leave a little bit of the 1st fill-up remaining, add more water, and shake well. A trick to obtain two "equal" fill-ups in terms of flavor is to do a partial press of the lemon on the first press, drink down the beverage, and then unscrew and press the lemon again for the second drink. This can get slightly messy – so experiment based on preference for this process.
Should you leave the lemon in or out of the vessel after a press?
It is your choice. The lemon will add additional flavor, however, if the lemon is left in too long, the drink may begin to take on a sour/bitter taste. Add more water to help even out this sour zing.
Can you add ice to the Citrus Zinger?
Yes. Simply remove the citrus press, and add ice via the bottom opening. Then add back the citrus press.

Vodka Zinger - Q & A

How long should it take to steep ingredients into vodka?
When infusing vodka, try allowing your creation to steep 1 to 3 hours at minimum before drinking, but longer times can increase the flavor. Our recommendation is to experiment with your zinger to develop your own personal preference for steeping times vs. ingredient types. For optimal flavor, when Zinging with vodka or other spirits, allow 3 to 48 hours of steeping. Also, volumes are greatly dependent on steeping times. If you are simply infusing raspberries into 4-5oz of Vodka for the purposes of shots or a couple cocktails, then a fairly quick infusion time can ensue. But if you are trying to infuse 15oz of vodka then a longer steeping time will be required. Lastly, shaking is key in all scenarios after you grind the ingredients and before you serve.
Can you use the Vodka Zinger for other spirits?
Yes. Try Zinging peaches into pinot grigio. Or lemon-grass and ginger tequila.

Salad Zinger - Q & A

How long should I let my dressings rest and steep after mixing?
If you are using punchy ingredients such as garlic, ginger, or onion, then the infusion can be pretty quick i.e. 10-20 minutes. If you are using lighter ingredients like pear, or pepper, allow 20-60 minutes for steeping. Or longer as preferred.
Where should I store my Salad Zinger?
Salad Zings are best consumed same day. However, if you are doing longer infusions, then store the mixture in the fridge. Do note, oil will congeal, so you will need to set the mixture out to come back to room temperature. Then Shake well.
Can I use the Salad Zinger for other mixtures?
Yes. Be creative. We use it for real blueberry syrup, infused oils, infused vinegars, etc...

Zinger - Q & A

How do I find recipes using my Zinger?
Are the Zingers dishwasher safe?
Yes. However, top rack dishwasher is recommended, and hand washed is preferred to maintain longevity of the product.
Do I need to clean the gaskets?
Yes. Remove and clean the top cap gasket and bottom of the bottle gasket periodically to ensure that no mildew is present. A toothpick can be used to help remove the gaskets, just be sure to replace them into the same position to prevent bottle leaks.
Here is a gasket removal guide to assist: Gasket removal guide