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What makes a good gift or promo tool you ask? Something that is unique, affordable, used daily, and loved by the user. Well, a Zinger fits the bill!

Just watch, as the Zinger becomes a part of their daily routine, keeping your logo exposed to everyone and anyone throughout their day. Your brand will be linked to the wow factor of our bottle, getting the attention it deserves.

While the minimum order is 50 bottles or more, we can offer wholesale pricing that will bring your total cost for a company gift into budget!

Simply email us, and we will Zing you a quote for review!

School Branding

Our goal

Make drinking water fun, and improve the daily beverage diets of today's kids while helping schools raise much needed money for after-school programs.

How it works

Similar to candy bar sales, our Citrus Zinger water bottle will take center stage in helping kids, parents, and even teachers have fun while making healthy lifestyle choices for the better. The Citrus Zinger can be co-branded with the schools logo, and purchased at below wholesale costs to help drive exceptional results in all fundraising efforts.

What the school gets

  • Strong margins – through our special subsidized pricing, schools can raise much needed money
  • School branding – through the screen-printed logo on the bottle
  • Positive messaging and results – through a health focused program that eschews sugary beverages and helps schools fight childhood obesity

Everyone wins

Kids win, parents win, the community wins, and schools win by promoting healthy options for their students while driving results to their fundraising initiatives.