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Zing Anything, LLC
168 N. Clinton St. Suite 500.
Chicago, IL 60661
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tel: (312) 951.6700
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we look forward to adding
a Zing to your shelves.

Becoming a member of the Zing Anything retail family is more than just profitable. Our quality line of flavor infusers promote
a healthy lifestyle that is both unique, and easy to use for consumers. Our versatile products enable your customers to create a myriad of flavors, while providing a quality and stylish way to enjoy them.

Countertop and free-standing display units are available for all
of our models. From big to small, we have what you need to fit the Zing Anything product line on your shelves. All display options are shipped fully stocked, and can be replenished as required.

As a retailer or wholesaler, we offer you the support you need from our regional sales managers to help your business grow
in tandem with ours. With low minimum orders, we can accommodate businesses of any size. Please complete the following form, and a Zing Anything sales representative will contact you regarding setting up a wholesale account.

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