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I bought my CZinger the middle of November this year. I am on a fruit kick and have been looking for ways to add fruit juice to my daily water hydration. I came across the CZinger on the Internet and was taken back by how easy it was to use. So I ordered it through Amazon and within a few days it was in my hands. I started juicing in a few days and was at first disappointed. I read the directions. Zinged my fruit with the juicer and screwed the bottom on. I filled the top of the bottle with water, screwed the top on, and shacked the bottle. It began infusing.soo pretty. But where the two joints met there was a small leak. A drip drip drip. I tightened it and still a drip.
I wrapped a paper towel around it and drank the drink, washed out the bottle and it's parts. I then emailed the Zinger Company.
Quickly Jacob replied to me. Told me that where the two joints meet there is a seal that may be kinked. To check the seal before I return the merchandise. So I did. And it worked. Jacob was right :))
I realigned the seal. Zinged and filled and BAM!! NO Leak!
I just had my husband order 2 more for Christmas gifts and referred two friends. They told me I should be a spokes person for the Zingers. I sold them on the Zingers right there on the spot.
Thank You Zinger Co for your quick customer service and for creating an amazing product.

– Stacey C.