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Hi, my name is Vincent Morrison and I recently purchased an Aqua Zinger from your company and am very happy with my purchase. I am so happy with it that I wanted to write this letter to your praising the product.
Before my Aqua Zinger I hardly ever drunk water at all. To tell you the truth I found it quite boring. I said, “Why buy the bottle of water when I can get a Pepsi or a Mountain in Dew? Then in November I was hospitalized for being dehydrated. After I got out of the hospital my teacher was telling me what he got his parents for Christmas. Two of the presents were two Aqua Zingers for each of them. He then showed me what this Aqua Zinger was, and I was immediately interested and later bought one with my Christmas money. Now I drink water all the time.
I’ve had my Zinger since November and I use it almost everyday. I am so satisfied with your product that I wish to continue my “zinger” by buying one of your salad Zingers, unfortunately I don’t have Christmas money this time around and am pretty much out of any money. I was hoping that you could give me a coupon for one. It would be greatly appreciated, or you could just give me one of those snazzy shirts if you want.
I could go on and on about your product but I don’t want to drag this on. Thank you for your time.

– Vincent M.