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The only product that replaces "Hint" unsweet water! Now I can recreate my favourite flavours; strawberry-kiwi, honeydew, mango-grapefruit and blackberry water. All without diet sweeteners, sugar, and GMO free. And instead of 16oz. plastic bottles that I have to recycle each week, I'm able to consume an entire 20 ounces without opening another bottle. I'll be saving a small fortune as well since I was spending between $250 and $270 each month on cases of Hint water!!! Not to mention the overwhelming amount of recycling I've had each month. I'm looking forward to reducing my carbon footprint in plastic bottles. The same healthy delicious water I've been drinking, creating my own new recipes, saving a ton of money, and reducing my carbon footprint. Never has a single product provided me with so many excellent benefits. I'm going to order more right away.

– Hilary Tyler