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Pump Fresh Clicker means vacuum-sealed freshness for chips, cookies, frozen foods, leftovers, and more! Simply click, seal, and pump out air to lock in flavor and nutrients, or keep freezer burn at bay.

The unique DIY system uses our heavy-weight sealable bags along with our Clicker valves to store your snacks and frozen foods. The handheld pump pulls the air out of the bags, sealing in freshness until you're ready to pop open the bag again. The kit includes one gallon sized bag and one quart sized bag, two clickers, and one pump to get you started with the Pump Fresh Clicker system!


Our development process emphasized a strong design focus for ease of operation.


  • Dishwasher safe pump and clickers
  • Includes two sizes of reusable bags
  • Patent pending vacuum system
  • BPA/Halogen and Phthalate-free
  • Designed in the USA
  • Made in Taiwan
  • 1 Year manufacturer warranty on any mechanical defects.


Start by pulling apart the Clicker valve into upper and lower parts. Place the lower pointed valve inside the bag and line up upper valve on the outside of the bag. Press until the valves click together.

Seal the bag at the top, be sure that is it completely sealed or the Pump will not work correctly. Place the Pump on upper Clicker valve and pump out air to create a vacuum seal.