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Zing Anything announces expansion to Asia with new distribution centers to encourage healthy, natural flavor infusion of water

HONG KONG  - Experts agree that the best choice for quenching your thirst and getting needed nutrients is water. And in an effort to make this choice more appealing, the Zing Anything water bottle line offers a refreshing do-it-yourself way to subtly infuse all-natural ingredients into water. Asian consumers can now enhance the flavor and health benefits of water by using Zing Anything’s Aqua or Citrus Zinger water bottles with a variety of fruits, vegetables and herbs to create refreshingly flavored drinks. To see a video of how it works,

The Zing Anything line is made of user-friendly, eco-friendly products made to combine flavor and nutrition. For the Aqua Zinger, simply choose natural ingredients --- such as blueberries, kiwi, grapefruit, strawberries, blackberries, mango, raspberries, citrus fruits, mint, basil and rosemary --- (or choose a combination from Zing Anything’s online recipe page), place the items into the bottom compartment of the bottle and twist. The easy motion allows for flavors, nutrients and aromas to be released into the Zinger.

Once the ingredients are pulverized, they can be left in the bottom cup to create a stronger, more intense flavor. And because the mesh barrier lets water in, but keeps the flavor pulp safely in place, there’s no need to worry about seeds or rinds infiltrating your drink.

The Citrus Zinger, allows for a juicing motion to infuse flavor, but provides the same health and similar flavor options.

“We, at Zing Anything, want to make a positive contribution toward improving daily diets, both in the food we eat and the beverages we drink,” said Zing Anything CEO Joshua Lefkovitz. “We hope our products can become a driving force in helping consumers divert from unhealthy beverage choices, leading them to an overall healthier lifestyle.”

With Zing Anything products, Lefkovitz said he hopes consumers can avoid sugars and opt for more nutritional hydration choices utilizing all-natural ingredients. “We didn’t invent flavored water, but we are giving consumers a real innovative tool to enhance and maximize flavor through fresh ingredients. Zing Anything products bring the consumer an element of creativity, as well as an element of having fun all while drinking a healthy beverage. We want to see this option replace the existing beverage options out there that tend to be glazed with sugar and artificial additives.”

The Zing Anything concept was created two years ago by Lefkovitz, who said he has always struggled to find ways to make his drinking water healthier and more exciting. Owner and Founder of a medical device manufacturing business, as well as a consumer product development company specializing in health and wellness products, Lefkovitz said before he launched Zing Anything, he was constantly experimenting at home, mashing up various fruits and herbs to concoct his own infusions.

“By using all-natural ingredients to create my own infused water, I was confident that my beverages were free from artificial ingredients and excess sugar,” he said. “My flavored water was much more enjoyable, so I began to experiment with various combinations and ways to enhance flavors, which eventually lead to the creation of the Zing Anything product line.”   

Zing Anything’s Citrus Zinger water bottles are available for purchase at

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About ZingAnything
The new Zing Anything product line was developed after determining there was a need for a tool which would allow consumers to create their own, uniquely infused, flavored beverage. Its product line and technology is designed with the purpose of extracting the essence of all natural ingredients and allowing these flavors to infuse directly into a liquid of choice. Headquartered in Akron, Ohio, Zing Anything has designed and developed a safe, durable, and eco-friendly water bottle that is certain to be a cornerstone tool in enhancing daily nutrition. Zing Anything products are made with Eastman Tritan BPA/EA-free plastics and food grade safe stainless steel. The product line promotes healthy recipes and a healthy lifestyle free of artificial sugars, flavorings, and colorings. Zing Anything wants to make a positive contribution toward improving daily diets, both in the food we eat and the beverages we drink. For more information, visit