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I want to rave about my citrus zinger. I purchased it in February and haven't bought a water bottle since. I wanted it because I LOVE to put lemon and lime in my water and I wanted to stop buying plastic bottles every day. I bring it everywhere I go and it is always a topic of conversation. I was in a tattoo shop and spent 15 minutes explaining to 4 burly tattoo artists where they could get one. I am in graduate school and am asked on a daily basis, "What is that?" or "Please tell me where to get one". I am a social work intern at a VA Veterans Hospital and get asked probably 25 times a day where someone can purchase one. Today I had a job interview and the discussion of my citrus zinger actually became the ice breaker conversation! It has contributed to many elevator conversations and I would attribute it to many new acquaintances. Again, I wanted to send many praises for a probably life changing product. I have recommended it to dozens of people and hope many buy a citrus zinger too.

– Miranda D.
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