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Pursuit of happyness I was sent a few products from the awesome folks at Zing Anything to write a review for you! I literally opened the box, washed out the Citrus Zinger and threw a lemon in there within minutes of receiving the package haha I'll be reviewing each product as I use it so I'll start with the Citrus Zinger! I am currently sipping my freshly squeezed lemon infused water and I can honestly say that this is the greatest bottle Ive ever owned. Ever.
First off, I have the weirdest issue with the spouts of water bottles. It took me a really long time to figure this out but I came to the conclusion one day that when a water bottle has a larger spout ( like Evian, Naya, Voss etc) I drink more. Often smaller spout water bottles, sit half full in the bottom of my purse and I never finish drinking them. This water bottle has an awesome large spout like that of a Voss water bottle which is AMAZING. I literally went to walmart a few weeks ago looking for a new water bottle and drove my boyfriend crazy looking for bottle with a big spout. Haha When I was washing out the bottle before I used it for the first time, I was actually pretty pumped about how easy it is to clean. The whole bottom half comes off so you can remove the citrus twist and really get right up in the bottle and clean it! You cant do that with any BPA free water bottle that Ive ever seen ( Did I mention all the Zing Anything bottles are BPA Free? well they are and thats awesome!) You can also use this bottle with or without the twist which is an added bonus! Ultimately, I find that when I drink water with lemon I drink more water. Drinking enough water in a day is the number one thing I struggle with. While writing this review Ive basically finished my entire bottle. So that's just insane! Im just realizing this as I type haha The lemon is freshly squeezed into the bottle and it steeps at the bottom, which is amazing because it doesn't leave that over intense bitter taste in the water that simply cutting lemon into your water gives after sitting for a bit. I absolutely 100% recommend this water bottle and not just because they sent it to me. If I lost this one, Id be buying another one right away.

– Jillian
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