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Lemon water helps digestion in many ways. It gives your body time to process the nutrients in your food. Slow absorption means a more stable blood sugar level and give your body the chance to get the most nourishment out of your food. The acid in lemon assists your stomach acid in breaking down food, and can even help with reducing heartburn. This amazing drink also gives a kick-start to your liver and improves bile flow, through both the acidic properties and the phytochemicals contained in lemon.

Lemon helps to detoxify the liver with citric acid that helps the production of bile. Bile is created by the body to be a vehicle in removing toxins from the system. Bile acids are essential for absorption of fats and fat-soluble vitamins, regulating bacteria and yeast in the body, and encouraging intestines to rid the body of waste.

One lemon has about 80 milligrams of potassium per fruit. Potassium is essential in communication between the nervous system and our muscles. This mineral is also beneficiary to maintaining a normal blood pressure, as it can help counteract salt in the circulatory system.

It seems counter-intuitive that an acidic lemon would create an alkaline level in the body. However, fresh lemon juice is anionic, meaning it is made of negatively charged ions. Lemon water made from fresh lemons will become alkaline as your body reacts with the lemons' anions during the digestive process. Be sure to use fresh lemons that haven't been exposed to air for more than 30 minutes , bottled lemon juice and lemon oils do not have the same alkalizing properties.

The Vitamin C in lemons holds a variety of benefits across the board. Vitamin C is important in normal growth and development, assists in the absorption of iron, stimulates collagen production. Free radicals in the body cause damage to cells, and lemon serves as an antioxidant to combat them. The antioxidant properties play a role in helping to prevent or delay development of some cancers, cardiovascular disease, and other diseases linked to oxidative stress on the system.

Lemons have about 30 milligrams of Vitamin C per fruit. Although Vitamin C supplements are available, doses of more than 200mg a day have a lower bioavailablity, and supplements lack the micronutrients and phytochemicals found in natural sources like lemon.

Lemon water is great for both acne-prone and aging skin. In addition to purging the system of toxins that can cause skin to look dull or even cause breakouts, the ascorbic acid in lemon prevents wrinkles by neutralizing free radicals and boosting collagen production. Lemon is anti-inflammatory, which helps with redness and acne. Making lemon water a part of your routine means clear and glowing skin!

Negative ions in lemon increase the flow of oxygen to the brain, boosting mood and energy levels. Lemon water can decrease drowsiness and increase alertness, making it a clean and hydrating alternative to your morning coffee.

Citrus pectin found in lemons is a soluble fiber that blocks fat absorption due to its gelling effect. Lemon water aids in weight loss by replacing more high calorie drinks in your diet. Adding lemon to water can also help you drink more water to stay hydrated, a key element of any healthy lifestyle.