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Details on winning a Zing Anything T-shirt!

What can I win for submitting my pictures?
All submissions will be entered for a chance to win a Zing Anything T-shirt, while supplies last. A team of Zing Anything wise men and women, will review and judge all qualified submissions and select our favorite photographs. Submit your pictures HERE and we will do the rest.
Is the shirt really free?
Yes and there is no cost to shipping. However not all entries will receive a T-shirt.
What should I take a picture of?
Anything! Zing at home, in the office, at a party, or outdoors on an adventure, traveling, at the park or beach; practically anywhere! Be inventive; wow the judges!
Can I submit a group photo?
You may submit a group photo; however, only ONE person per photo can be sent a shirt.
How many shirts can I get?
One Zing shirt per person, per household!
When will I be able to see my image on the site?
After you upload your image, it is judged, and then pushed live to the site! We will also highlight some of the top submissions on our Facebook page.