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Zing Anything Counterfeits Consumer Notice May 2014

Our products are meant to be healthy, NOT Toxic!

Due to the rising demand for Zing Anything products, we have seen a number of counterfeits enter into
our global market. These "knock-offs" are being falsely advertised as BPA-free and toxin free, when in fact they have been found to contain BPA and other harmful substances, such as estrogen additives and

Additionally, these counterfeit bottles are made with cheap, low-quality materials that lead to problems
with operation, leaking, and other product defects.

In order to protect the health of our customers and the reputation of our company and products, we are
doing everything we can to put a stop to this illegal counterfeiting, including: carefully monitoring the
online market, sending daily take-down requests, working with customs, and pursuing legal action to
defend our portfolio of global intellectual property.

As our valued customer, we want to keep you well-informed on how to spot a counterfeit Zinger or seller.
Very soon we will have a unique serial number assigned to our products to further help identify a fake.

How to avoid purchasing a counterfeit

The best way to ensure you are receiving authentic Zing Anything product is to buy directly from our website or from an authorized reseller.

To find an authorized reseller within the United States and Canada, please visit our store locator:

To find an authorized reseller outside the United States and Canada, please visit our distributor locator:

Zing Anything does not recommend purchasing our products from Amazon or eBay at this time due to the weak policies set to monitor sellers and the number of counterfeit Zingers currently found on these sites.

Please note websites like Alibaba, Taobao, and other overseas sites are riddled with counterfeit sellers.

For additional information on counterfeits and how to spot them, see the link on how to protect
yourself from counterfeits

Thank you for your support, loyalty and attention to this matter.


The Zing Anything Team