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put a zing in your day

Zing Anything was launched to make a positive contribution toward improving daily diets - both in the food we eat and the beverages we drink. With the Zing Anything products, consumers can create healthy beverages free from artificial ingredients and excess sugars. Our bottles are reusable and sustainable, and promote a healthy diet using all-natural fruits, herbs, and vegetables!

Part of the Zing Anything mission includes being both socially and environmentally responsible for the health of our bodies and earth, while creating a safe and healthy work environment. In order to produce bottles which are affordable to the consumer, our manufacturing facilities are located in Taiwan and China. In order to ensure high quality operational procedures, Zing Anything is committed to being compliant with all local and national laws and regulations including, compensation, hours of labor, forced labor, child labor, and discrimination/rights in all countries of origin. In addition, our factories have been audited by Intertek Testing Services Taiwan Ltd.

Zing Anything is driven to ensure the following measures are upheld both in our products and operations:

  • We use Eastman Tritan Plastics – BPA and EA free
  • We use 18/8 food grade safe stainless steel
  • We use soy- based inks in all marketing materials
  • Our factory practices fair labor standards and abides by all age requirements for employees.
  • Our factory allows us to tour its facilities, and allows for our engineer to be on-site for productions.
  • Quality assurance inspections are performed by members of our team, on-site
  • Our factories recycle all parts except Tritan resins which cannot be recycled

Our testing and documentation includes the following: Compliant with Food and Drug Administration (FDA), 21 CFR. Met the General Recognized As Safe (GRAS) specifications according to the US FDA Regulations. Compliant with the US CA Proposition 65 and Commission Regulation (EU). Compliant with the NSF/ANSI Standard 51 - Food Equipment Materials. SGS tests completed on all parts.