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Zing Anything first teamed up with T.J. Thomas and Audra Bielskus of
Studio Murmur in 2010 to begin work on the Aqua Zinger and a successful collaboration started to grow. Studio Murmur is a product design firm based
in Chicago. We like to think that good design can actually make life better
and the Zing Anything products are a unique expression of this vision.

Reusable bottles divert hundreds, if not thousands, of single-use containers from the waste stream, but to us, what you put in the bottle counts just as much in creating healthy lives and planets.

Before the project began, it became clear that the teams saw eye-to-eye and shared some core values. Aside from Zing Anything's own beliefs and intuitions about the market, the research showed that people were making healthier choices and moving away from high fructose corn syrup and artificially flavored or colored drinks. But even flavored or "intelligent waters" contain additives and sugars that are not as smart as they claim to be. The CZ and AZ let the user decide exactly what goes into their drink and inspires creative new combinations of flavors.

At the same time, people are also becoming more aware of how the products they use everyday are made and how their choices affect the planet. Not satisfied with attaching a 'green' label to products as some sort of feature, Studio Murmur understands that the standards for making a great product are inherently responsible, safe and beautiful. Using quality materials and simple mechanisms, the Zing Anything products deliver.


All Zing Anything products have been extensively tested and analyzed with a primary focus on enhancing the taste of your water or other mixtures while keeping you “healthy”.


Our innovative line is patent pending with multiple filings covering all technological and/or design aspects of our unique product line and pending additions.