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I bought my CZinger the middle of November this year. I am on a fruit kick and have been looking for ways to add fruit juice to my daily water hydration. I came across the CZinger on the Internet and was taken back by how easy it was to use. So I ordered it through Amazon and within a few days it was in my hands. I started juicing in a few days and was at first disappointed. I read the directions. Zinged my fruit with the juicer and screwed the bottom on. I filled the top of the bottle with water, screwed the top on, and shacked the bottle. It began infusing.soo pretty. But where the two joints met there was a small leak. A drip drip drip. I tightened it and still a drip.
I wrapped a paper towel around it and drank the drink, washed out the bottle and it's parts. I then emailed the Zinger Company.
Quickly Jacob replied to me. Told me that where the two joints meet there is a seal that may be kinked. To check the seal before I return the merchandise. So I did. And it worked. Jacob was right :))
I realigned the seal. Zinged and filled and BAM!! NO Leak!
I just had my husband order 2 more for Christmas gifts and referred two friends. They told me I should be a spokes person for the Zingers. I sold them on the Zingers right there on the spot.
Thank You Zinger Co for your quick customer service and for creating an amazing product.

– Stacey C.
nourish the needy

It's no secret that fruit, vegetables and water have immense health benefits, yet everyday millions of people are not coming close to consuming their daily recommended servings with nearly 1 in 6 Americans struggling with hunger.

This spring, Zing Anything, is launching our “Nourish the Needy” initiative. As part of this campaign, Zing Anything will reward the less fortunate with a donation of proceeds from bottles sold to, who envisions an America where millions of gardeners eliminate malnutrition and hunger in their own community. Do you have extra fruit/vegetables from your garden? If so, we encourage you to help join the hunger fight by donating your surplus harvest to your local Food Pantry

Please take a look around our website to see how the Zing Anything product line can help yourself lead a fun and healthy lifestyle, while also helping those less fortunate receive the nourishment they so direly deserve and need.

Our Charitable Giving

Fundraising Event: The American Cancer Society Relay for Life cancer walk.
City: Guthrie, OK
Donation: Bottles for gift bags

Fundraising Auction:
City: Las Vegas, NV
Donation: bottles for auction

Fundraising Auction: Kurtz Elementary School
City: Milford, MI
Donation: bottles for auction

Community need: Tiger Youth Basketball Team
City: Akron, OH
Donation: funds for uniforms

Awareness Event:
City: Spokane, WA
Donation: bottles for fundraiser

Charitable need: fall 2012
City: Spokane WA
Donation: funds

Military event:
City: Woodbury, NY
Donation: bottles for fundraiser

Fundraising event: Philadelphia 76ers Thaddeus Young (Thad-A-Claus event) for The Young for Youth Foundation.
City: Springfield, PA
Donation: bottles for fundraiser

Fundraising Auction: A Greater Purpose Organization
City: Tinton Falls, NJ
Donation: bottles for auction

Fundraising event: Operation Boot Camp
City: Knoxville, TN
Donation: Bottles for Charity Event

Military event: Memorial Day Gala -Operation Finally Home
City: Tampa, FL
Donation: Bottles for silent auction

Food Drive: Joyce Uptown Food Shelf
City: Minneapolis, MN
Donation: Bottles for silent auction

Silent Auction: Children’s HeartLink’s 2013 Gala
City: Minneapolis, MN
Donation: Bottles for silent auction

Silent Auction: Storm Harbor Equestrian Center – therapeutic riding
City: Slippery Rock, PA
Donation: Bottles for silent auction

Health Fair: Athens Regional Medical Center
City: Athens, Ga
Donation: Bottles for door prizes

Philanthropy event - Baldwin Wallace University
City: Cleveland, OH
Donation: Bottles for gift baskets

Fundraising Auction - 'Second Chance Prom' to benefit the free cancer support programs at Gilda's Club Rochester
City: Rochester, NY
Donation: Bottles for silent auction

Fundraising Auction : Rising Sun Energy Center
City: Berkeley, CA
Donation: Bottles for volunteers

Fundraising Event: Relay for Life on
City: Brooks Alberta Canada.
Donation: Bottles for prizes

Event: Project Menucha to help families with autistic children
City: Brooklyn, New York
Donation: Bottles for volunteers

Event: Miller South Vocal Music Boosters
City: Akron, OH
Donation: Bottles for auction

Fundraising Event: Helping Hands Club at Chatham High School - autism awareness
City: Chatham, NJ
Donation: Bottles for silent auction

Fundraising Event: YMCA Healthy Kid’s Day
City: Benton, IL
Donation: Bottles for auction

Fundraising Event: St. John Regional Hospital pediatrics unit
City: St John, Canada
Donation: Bottles for gift bags