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My sister sent me one and I LOVE IT! Everyone at work has now ordered one. Makes water so much more enjoyable and there are no synthetic chemicals to worry about like those other FLAVORED WATER companies put out into the universe.
– Heather F.

Zing Anything Intellectual Property

    Item Serial # Registration #
US utility patent Aqua Zinger 12/961828 8613402
US utility patent Citrus Zinger 13/219985 8740116
US utility patent Zing 54 13/606224  
US utility patent Zingo    
US trademark Zing 85/631914  
US trademark Zing Anything 85/631976  
US trademark   Aqua Zinger        
US trademark Zinger 85/632005 4386433
US trademark kid zinger 86/198915 4620281
US trademark zing 54 86/198925  
US trademark Citrus zinger 86/004662 4490831
US copyright Zing Anything website    
US copyright Users instructions    
US design patent Citrus Zinger 29/465539  
US design patent Kid Zinger    

*International patents available upon request.