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I have been using my fresh garden herbs to make flavored water this week...strawberry lemon mint...cucumber lime mint....blackberry thyme...and basil mint lime.   I have been drinking like 3 carafes each day as the water tastes so delicious.  What a great way to get you and your family drinking more water :)

– Corene Miller

Zing Anything Intellectual Property

    Item Serial # Registration #
US utility patent Aqua Zinger 12/961828 8613402
US utility patent Citrus Zinger 13/219985 8740116
US utility patent Zing 54 13/606224  
US utility patent Zingo    
US trademark Zing 85/631914  
US trademark Zing Anything 85/631976  
US trademark   Aqua Zinger        
US trademark Zinger 85/632005 4386433
US trademark kid zinger 86/198915 4620281
US trademark zing 54 86/198925  
US trademark Citrus zinger 86/004662 4490831
US copyright Zing Anything website    
US copyright Users instructions    
US design patent Citrus Zinger 29/465539  
US design patent Kid Zinger    

*International patents available upon request.